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The wide variety of the Japanese landscape (roughly 17,000 species) is due to its climate and relief. Forests cover 67% of the country's surface area and is mainly made up of hardwood and conifers: oak, beech, maple, thuja, red and black pines, combined with birch and ash trees. The west is dominated by a forest in which conifers vie for space with bamboos, magnolias and green oaks. White and red plum trees, fast-blossoming cherry trees, bamboos and pines have all become symbols of the country.

  • Forests , The famous cherry blossom of Japan , Japan
    The famous cherry blossom of Japan

    This display of nature serves as both a sign of spring and a tourist attraction.

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  • Forests , Cherry trees in bloom , Japan
    Cherry trees in bloom


  • Forests , A Japanese maple , Japan
    A Japanese maple

    This elegant tree is appreciated by the Japanese for its ravishing colours that change with the seasons.

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  • Forests , A bamboo grove in the Kiso Valley , Japan
    A bamboo grove in the Kiso Valley

    Nicknamed the Rhine of Japan, the Kiso Valley in the region of Chibu has preserved its unspoilt beauty.

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  • Forests , A bamboo forest , Japan
    A bamboo forest

    The bamboo is inseparable from Japan, where it is used for fences, fountains and tools.

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  • Forests , Autumn in Arashiyama near Kyoto , Japan
    Autumn in Arashiyama near Kyoto

    Many of the Japanese come to this region to see the cherry trees in bloom and the autumn colours.

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