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Contrary to popular belief, the Geisha has nothing to do with a prostitute. They are actually artists with a perfect knowledge of Japanese traditional arts. They work in restaurants, tea houses and inns, where they sing, dance and entertain their guests. With their made-up faces, they dress in special attire and enjoy prestige and admiration of the Japanese people. The Geisha training is tough and lengthy. It lasts four years during which they develop charm, balance and spirit in an environment of discipline and rigour.

  • Geishas , An old Japanese tradition , Japan
    An old Japanese tradition

    Japanese gardens have their origins in Shintoism, which postulates that divine forces are expressed in every facet of nature.

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  • Geishas , The elements of a Japanese garden. , Japan
    The elements of a Japanese garden.

    The garden is often laid out around a building and includes many different elements, like rocks, water, sand or gravel, decorative elements and a tea room.

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  • Geishas , Water displays , Japan
    Water displays

    The pond garden (chitei) is also called the garden of transformations since you can have many different views depending on where you are during a stroll.

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  • Geishas , Water, a purifying and aesthetic element , Japan
    Water, a purifying and aesthetic element

    Water is always present in one way or another in Japanese gardens. For example, in the dry Zen gardens, it is represented by gravel.

    © tomophotography
  • Geishas , Bamboo , Japan

    In Japanese gardens, the plants are mainly chosen for their aesthetic qualities. Bamboo is used to create fences and screens.

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  • Geishas , The Japanese maple , Japan
    The Japanese maple

    The Japanese love the many colours of nature, which change with the seasons.

    © Satoshi Nishida
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