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Kinkakuji, Kyoto , The Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto , Japan
The Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto

Built in the 14th century, the Kinkaku-ji is one of the most emblematic temples in Kyoto.

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Kinkakuji, Kyoto Japan
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Kinkakuji, Kyoto

The residence of Shogun Ashikaga, the Temple of the Golden Pavilion was built in the 15th century and is covered with thousands of gold leaves that give it its unique look. Its silhouette is reflected in the lake at its feet. Upon the death of Shogun, the Kinkaku-ji was turned into a temple.

Kinkakuji, Kyoto

Kinkakuji, Kyoto , A listed monument , Japan
A listed monument

Burnt down by a monk in 1950 and then reconstructed in 1955 and renovated in 1987, the golden Pavilion has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994.

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Kinkakuji, Kyoto , The golden phoenix , Japan
The golden phoenix

No symbol could be better suited to the Kinkaku-ji temple, which has been destroyed and rebuilt countless times throughout history.

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Kinkakuji, Kyoto , A tea house , Japan
A tea house

The charming Sekkatel tea house, dating from the 17th century, can be found in the temple's garden.

© Pascal Bagot
Kinkakuji, Kyoto , The Kinkaku-ji Golden Temple , Japan
The Kinkaku-ji Golden Temple

The most famous image of Tokyo is surely the one of the Golden temple reflecting in the water of the Kyokohi pond.

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Kinkakuji, Kyoto , The garden of the Golden Temple , Japan
The garden of the Golden Temple

The garden beside the Kinkaku-ji temple is just as enchanting.

© Narongsak Nagadhana / 123RF
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