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The Meiji-Jingu Temple in Tokyo

  • Meij , The Meiji-Jingu Sanctuary , Japan
    The Meiji-Jingu Sanctuary

    Located in the Harajuku district, the Meiji-Jingu Sanctuary was erected in honour of Emperor Miji, a reformer of Japan, and his wife, Empress Shoken.

  • Meij , A Shinto sanctuary , Japan
    A Shinto sanctuary

    The sanctuary is particularly representative of Shintoist architecture, the oldest religion in Japan.

    Pascal Bagot
  • Meij , Torii , Japan

    This usually red wooden gate marks the entrance of the temple as a transition from the profane to the sacred.

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  • Meij , Emas , Japan

    Emas are wooden tablets on which worshippers write their wishes and prayers addressed to the gods of the temple.

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  • Meij , Meiji-Jingu, a natural temple , Japan
    Meiji-Jingu, a natural temple

    There are 100,000 trees making up the forest around the temple, representing donations from every region in the country.

    Pascal Bagot
  • Meij , Offerings at the temple , Japan
    Offerings at the temple

    The barrels of saki, Japanese rice wine, at the entrance to the temple are offerings that are traditionally made to the gods.

    Pascal Bagot
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