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Mount Fuji or Mount Yama is highest point in Japan, and rises to an altitude of 12,385 feet. It lies 60 miles south-west of Tokyo and on a bright day, you can see it from the capital. It is an extinct volcano whose last eruption dates back to 1707. With its perfect symmetry, this mountain is sacred to the Japanese. It is actually a venue for several pilgrimages. The climbing of Mount Fuji is a year long activity. However, in the heart of winter, it is reserved for experienced sportmen only. On the north flank of the mountain you will find the five Fuji lakes. Here you will find areas for water sports and amusement parks. Lovely views of the Fuji mountain guaranteed.

  • Mount Fuji , Mount Fuji, Japan , Japan
    Mount Fuji, Japan

    With its characteristic cone shape, Mount Fiji is one of the main subjects in Eastern paintings

    © Sean Pavone / 123RF
  • Mount Fuji , The mountain between the skyscrapers , Japan
    The mountain between the skyscrapers

    Fujiyama rises in the Japanese sky behind the futuristic skyscrapers of Tokyo

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  • Mount Fuji , A dormant volcano , Japan
    A dormant volcano

    Although the volcano is still active, it last erupted in 1707.

    © Craig Hanson / 123RF
  • Mount Fuji , On the slopes of Hakone , Japan
    On the slopes of Hakone

    Visitors can have a good look at the nearly perfect shape of Mount Fuji from the slopes of the spa town of Hakone.

    © Sean Pavone / 123RF
  • Mount Fuji , Mount Fuji seen from the train , Japan
    Mount Fuji seen from the train

    Passengers can enjoy the scenery from the train that links Tokyo to Osaka on the Tokaïdo line.

    © Yoshiyayo / 123RF
  • Mount Fuji , A perfect cone , Japan
    A perfect cone

    Mount Fuji is distinguishable by its nearly perfect cone. You can climb up it in July and August.

    © Jirat Srisabye / 123RF
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