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The Sens˘-Ji Temple in Tokyo.

  • Sens˘-Ji , Sens˘-Ji temple , Japan
    Sens˘-Ji temple

    Erected in the 7th century and subsequesntly damaged and rebuilt several times, Sens˘-ji is the oldest and most revered temple in Tokyo.

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  • Sens˘-Ji , Festivities at Sens˘-ji , Japan
    Festivities at Sens˘-ji

    Many celebrations take place here throughout the year. Sanja Matsuri in May is the largest of them all.

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  • Sens˘-Ji , The main building of Sens˘-ji , Japan
    The main building of Sens˘-ji

    Destroyed in 1945 by American bombings and identically rebuilt in 1958, it shelters representations of the bodhisattva Kannon.

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  • Sens˘-Ji , The Sens˘-ji gardens , Japan
    The Sens˘-ji gardens

    There are a few gardens with numerous sculptures and Buddhist gods.

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  • Sens˘-Ji , Hozomon Gate , Japan
    Hozomon Gate

    Statues of Nio guardians watch over the access to the gate on either side.

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  • Sens˘-Ji , The district of Asakusa , Japan
    The district of Asakusa

    Inaugurated in 2012, the Tokyo Sky Tree close to Sens˘-ji is the tallest tower in the city, rising 634 metres.

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