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Geishas, Sumo, Traditions, Japan

Geishas are a symbol of Japanese culture. They are artists who perform dances and musical pieces.

© Digital Archive Japan / age fotostock
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Sumo Japan
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Sumo

In Japan, Sumo is a highly popular traditional professional sport. The leading tournaments are even broadcast live on television. It usually involves a fight between two men of an often imposing built. Both battle with each other until one of the fighter's shoulder touches the ground or the fighter is pushed out of the ring. Fights take place on a type of ring covered with sand. Merely dressed in a loincloth, the fighters have oiled hair tied up in a chignon. Sumo is a sport where self-control is essential. It originates from the Shinto rites and was hitherto practised during festivals and ceremonies.

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The importance of finery, Sumo, Traditions, Japan
The importance of finery

From the kimono to the makeup to the hairstyle, nothing is left to chance in the appearance of a geisha, who is a symbol of grace and elegance.

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Ceremony and sensuality, Sumo, Traditions, Japan
Ceremony and sensuality

The kimono is worn in a way that the neck, which is a highly sensual zone for the Japanese, remains uncovered.

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A source of inspiration, Sumo, Traditions, Japan
A source of inspiration

Geishas are often inspired by painters, poets, etc.

© iStockphoto.com / Grafissimo
Getas, Sumo, Traditions, Japan

Among the many elements that constitute a geisha's outfit, getas are wooden sandals that are often worn with 'tabi', Japanese socks.

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Maļko: apprentice geisha, Sumo, Traditions, Japan
Maļko: apprentice geisha

Maļkos are recognisable by the red collar of their kimono, a colour associated with childhood.

© Naomi Hasegawa / 123RF
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