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Japanese culture originates directly from Chinese civilisation. Painting is represented by caricatures painted with ink or on Buddhist scrolls depicting the horrors of hell. The two most famous types of theatre performances are: the "kabuki", a melodramatic show and the "no", a masked show. The Shinto tombs and Buddhist temples are an expression of Japanese aesthetics easily found in contemporary architecture.

  • Theatre, painting and architecture , Japanese painting , Japan
    Japanese painting

    Elegant Japanese painting has fascinated Westerners and influenced many European artists who have been familiar with it

  • Theatre, painting and architecture , A Noh mask , Japan
    A Noh mask

    In this traditional style of Japanese theatre, the actors wear lavish costumes and specific masks to play the roles of shoguns and samurai.

    © Fedor Selivanov / 123RF
  • Theatre, painting and architecture , The life-size replica of the Nakamura theatre , Japan
    The life-size replica of the Nakamura theatre

    The Nakamura theatre is one of the four theatres that was officially recognised by the shogun of Edo (today's Tokyo).

    © Sean Pavone / 123RF
  • Theatre, painting and architecture , Shochikuza Theatre in Osaka , Japan
    Shochikuza Theatre in Osaka

    Attending a performance of kabuki theatre is the best way to discover one of the facets of Japanese culture.

    © Sean Pavone / 123RF
  • Theatre, painting and architecture , A traditional engraving , Japan
    A traditional engraving

    Ukiyo-e, the Japanese art of engraving, was developed during the Edo period, at the same time as kabuki theatre.

    © elwynn
  • Theatre, painting and architecture , A more popular approach , Japan
    A more popular approach

    The Japanese art of engraving and kabuki theatre are meant for the general public, whereas Noh theatre is reserved for the nobles.

    © Joy Wang
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