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Japan's snow monkeys, Wildlife, The fauna and flora, Japan
Japan's snow monkeys

These animals are recognisable by their hairless red head and their stump-like tail!

Kira Kaplinski / 123RF
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Wildlife Japan
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Wildlife

Japan boasts 132 mammal, 583 bird and 66 reptile, amphibian and fish species. You can still find black and brown bears, foxes and deers. The only primate is the red-faced monkey - the snow monkey - found all over Honshu territory.


Koi, Wildlife, The fauna and flora, Japan

A symbol of love in Japanese culture, koi are very popular with gardeners the world over for their superb colours and peaceful nature.

iStockphoto.com / Skilpad
The Steller's sea eagle, Wildlife, The fauna and flora, Japan
The Steller's sea eagle

This eagle likes to pass the winter in Japan and is one of the most beautiful and powerful eagles in the world.

andreanita / 123RF
Snakes, Wildlife, The fauna and flora, Japan

Snakes hold an important place in Japanese symbolism and folklore.

Sam D Cruz / 123RF
An Akita Inu dog, Wildlife, The fauna and flora, Japan
An Akita Inu dog

This race was bred 300 years ago to hunt bears, deer and wild boar.

Aliaksei Smalenski
A robin, Wildlife, The fauna and flora, Japan
A robin

This small passerine can be found all over: from Russia to Thailand and China to Japan.

iStockphoto.com / Kittikorn Phongok
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