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The hotels on the Kenyan coast are often extremely comfortable with all the modern comforts you should need. Almost all of them are equipped with swimming pools which is especially practical when the sea is at low tide. The half-board or all-inclusive option is available in most hotels with restaurants.

  • Hotels , Accommodation in Kenya , Kenya
    Accommodation in Kenya

    A range of hotel accommodation is available to visitors, everything from budget to blow-out luxury.

  • Hotels , The Mara Serena Safari Lodge , Kenya
    The Mara Serena Safari Lodge

    The establishment's guest rooms are all located in small raised bungalows located side by side.

  • Hotels , Visiting wildlife at Kenyan hotels , Kenya
    Visiting wildlife at Kenyan hotels

    It's quite common to have monkeys, such as this one, come to your hotel door in search of food.

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  • Hotels , The restaurant at Mara Serena Safari Lodge , Kenya
    The restaurant at Mara Serena Safari Lodge

    The restaurant at the Mara Serena is located next to reception and is spread over various levels.

  • Hotels , Olonana , Kenya

    This luxury lodge is located on a private stretch of the Mara River.

  • Hotels , Luxury rooms at Olonana , Kenya
    Luxury rooms at Olonana

    Olonana uses solar energy to power the lodge and its infrastructures.

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