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To limit environmental damage, the Kenyan government decided to place restrictions on lodge construction in the reserves. In general, accommodation rates in the reserves are quite high but some might argue that this is the price to pay to preserve the local wildlife. While there many not be huge differences between lodge tariffs, it's up to you to choose the right one for your needs depending on a lodge's location and camp atmosphere.

  • Lodges , Luxury lodges, Kenya , Kenya
    Luxury lodges, Kenya

    Most lodges are luxury affairs, found at the heart of the country's reserves and national parks

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  • Lodges , A guest room at the Tribe Hotel , Kenya
    A guest room at the Tribe Hotel

    The Tribe hotel is located between the Central Business District and the market in Nairobi.

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  • Lodges , La Malindina , Kenya
    La Malindina

    La Malindina is a charming hotel located in Malindi.

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  • Lodges , The guest rooms at La Malindina , Kenya
    The guest rooms at La Malindina

    In addition to its comfortable guest rooms, La Malindina is popular for its great restaurant.

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  • Lodges , Lions in the Sun , Kenya
    Lions in the Sun

    This 16-room establishment is located in Malindi.

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  • Lodges , Aquarius Resort , Kenya
    Aquarius Resort

    Aquarius Resort is located in Watamu.

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