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Discover Marine parks and reserves Kenya

If you have the opportunity, make sure you do a dive off the coast. The Kisite and Malindi parks are fantastic, but the Watamu Marine National Park is perhaps the best one of all with close to 1,500 fish species, 150 coral species and occasional visits from dolphins and whale sharks. There are several diving companies with qualified staff.

  • Marine parks and reserves , Marine Parks and Reserves , Kenya
    Marine Parks and Reserves

    Kenya boasts many marine parks with a wealth of underwater life; those at Malindi, Watamu, Mombasa and Kisite are popular

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  • Marine parks and reserves , Whale sharks , Kenya
    Whale sharks

    These sharks inhabit the waters surrounding Kenya every year between October and February.

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  • Marine parks and reserves , Diving in Vuma Caves , Kenya
    Diving in Vuma Caves

    Cave diving is a popular activity for visitors to Kenya.

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  • Marine parks and reserves , The dolphins , Kenya
    The dolphins

    There are several places where it is possible to swim with dolphins in Kenya, particularly around the Lamu archipelago.

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  • Marine parks and reserves , Mombasa Marine Park , Kenya
    Mombasa Marine Park

    Mombasa Marine Park boasts one of the most beautiful coral gardens in all of Kenya.

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  • Marine parks and reserves , The diving season , Kenya
    The diving season

    The best period for diving is between from July and April.

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