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South of Mombasa, the beaches of Tiwi and Diani offer beautiful settings that aren't unlike those of a tropical island. This is the perfect spot for those who love to practice the art of doing nothing. But for those who like their holidays a bit more action-packed there are plenty of activities for you to get stuck into such as reef walks, diving and snorkelling. Tiwi is best suited to those who need tranquility and Diani for those who like to be presented with a variety of activities. To the north of Mombasa, there is a string of hotels that stretch over the beaches of Nyali, Shanzu and Bamburi.

  • Mombasa beaches , The Mombasa coastline , Kenya
    The Mombasa coastline

    The beaches of Mombasa stretch from Kilifi and Bamburi on the north coast to Diani and Tiwi on the south coast

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  • Mombasa beaches , Tiwi Beach , Kenya
    Tiwi Beach

    The waters of Mombasa are teeming with fish.

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  • Mombasa beaches , The south coast of Mombasa , Kenya
    The south coast of Mombasa

    The beaches on Mombasa's south coast are much more beautiful than those on the north coast.

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  • Mombasa beaches , Sunsets , Kenya

    The coast of Mombasa is bathed in gold at sunset.

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