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The Nairobi Music Society, the National Theatre, the Poenis, the Players, the Braeburn Theatre and the French Cultural Centre are the numerous organisations that organise excellent concerts and plays in the Kenyan capital. Check the local newspapers and 'what's on' guides for current listings.

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    Kenyan culture

    Make sure you witness firsthand the performance arts of the locals, such as a tribal dance.

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  • Shows , The Maasai people , Kenya
    The Maasai people

    A Maasai man in traditional trible attire. The Maasai reside mainly in the country's southwest region.

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  • Shows , A Maasai celebration , Kenya
    A Maasai celebration

    There are many varieties of traditional Maasai dances that are performed during celebrations and other events.

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  • Shows , A Maasai tribal dance , Kenya
    A Maasai tribal dance

    Being witness to the performance of a traditional tribal dance is one of the many pleasures of discovering Kenyan culture.

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  • Shows , Maasai jewellery , Kenya
    Maasai jewellery

    The Maasai adorn themselves in colourful jewellery such as bracelets and the necklaces seen here.

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    Making fire from scratch

    The Maasai can start a fire using their hands.

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