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By Margot Millier Margot Millier Section editor
Situated near the Balkans, Kosovo is surrounded by Montenegro, Serbia, Albania and Macedonia, and is the youngest European state. Since its independence in 2008, the region has been unveiling its cultural and artistic treasures, as well as its mixed ethnicity of Kosovans, Albanians and Serbs. The capital, Pristina, proudly displays its Turkish influences from the former Ottoman Empire, while Prizren, a picturesque city in the south, is home to magnificent Orthodox churches, including the famous Bogorodica Ljeviska (Our Lady of Ljevi?). Kosovo is a dynamic country with many trendy bars and cafés, as well as holiday resorts at the heart of a stunning mountain landscape. Although you may not immediately think of it as a tourist destinations, there are in fact several reasons to travel to Kosovo.

Our Editorial team's advice

The official languages in Kosovo are Serbian and Albanian. Don't let the Cyrillic alphabet overwhelm you; just take a pocket dictionary and practice the pronunciation.

Travel insurance is recommended for trips to Kosovo, as it guarantees repatriation in case of emergencies.

The main cities in Kosovo are Prizren in the south, and Pec in the east, as well as the capital Pristina. Very popular with tourists, these cities are full of medieval monasteries that can be visited.


  • +The lively cities
  • +The many monasteries built during the Ottoman Empire
  • +The diverse landscapes


  • -The underdeveloped and sometimes dangerous roads (particularly outside of Pristina and on the plain in Mitrovica, in the north)
  • -The north of Kosovo is divided between the Kosovans and the Serbs


Kosovan cuisine is based on red meat, poultry and spices. The most famous dish is filja, a small thick bread eaten with fresh milk and homemade cheese. The local fast food is the qebap: bread filled with lamb meat, onions and cabbage. Kosovo also has a few wineries in Orahovac, where it is possible to do some wine and brandy tastings.


For those who love shopping, there are boutiques and souvenir shops in the big cities such as Pristina and Prizren. The Albi Shopping Mall is the largest shopping centre in Pristina, and there are open markets in the small towns..

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