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Kuwait : Discover the country's history

Historical dates

16th century: arrival of the Portuguese
1756: birth of the Emirate, which for a long time would be an arm of the Ottoman Empire
1899: Great Britain controls foreign policy
1922: Kuwait is a British protectorate
1961: independence, the Emir Al-Sabbah takes over power
1977: The Emir Jaber takes over power and reinstitutes parliament three years later
August 1990: Iraq invades the country
January 1991: expiration of the UN's ultimatum urging Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait and start of the Gulf War
March 1991: victory of the coalition led by the United States, Kuwait is freed
October 1992: the opposition wins legislative elections and makes its entry into the government
November 1994: Iraq officially recognises Kuwait in October 1996: Parliamentary elections confirm the government in place
May 4th 1999: dissolution of the Parliament
May 16th 2005: parliamentary vote giving women the right to vote.

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February 25th: National Day
February 26th: Liberation Day.
February: Dromedary Championship
February-March: Feast of Mount Arafat.

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