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Located in the north of the Arabian Peninsula and in the south of the Persian Gulf, Kuwait is the only country in the world that doesn't have a single natural watercourse.

In Arabic, Kuwait means 'fortress built near the sea'. If the sea here is signifies the desert, then the name is perfect, as the desert that covers most of the territory constitues a veritable natural frontier. In fact, the desert landscapes are the major attraction of the country, which is relatively uniform and flat.

The only massif here rises just 150m. In spring, these hills turn into a beautiful prairie covered with chamomile plants. In the west, a large but shallow valley serves as a cistern for collecting water during the rainy season and marks the border with Iraq.

Kuwait Bay is a good natural port because of its shallow water, making it easy to access. Kuwait has 10 islands, the largest of which, Bubiyan, is connected to the continent by a bridge.


Various water sports take place all over the Kuwaiti coast but you should be aware of the possible presence of mines on the beaches and in the water (get full information on site).

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