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Travel to Latvia to discover the beauty of the Baltic

By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor
Latvia is snuggly sandwiched between Estonia to the north and Lithuania to the south. Whether you take to the Baltic beaches or explore the green, green tree tops of the Gauja Valley, Russian influence abounds on all sides. That's not to say that this country doesn't have a beating heart and swinging soul all of its very own. Riga positively sizzles with Baltic beauty and cosmopolitan charm, a true mish-mash of art-nouveau architecture, enchanting old-town lanes and a thumping club scene.

Our Editorial team's advice

Latvia is a vast expanse of greens and blues just waiting to be explored. The countryside remains pleasant throughout the year, especially during the solstices and equinoxes when the country celebrates its ancestral roots. The winter solstice (Ziemassvetki) coincides with Christmas, but the most important of all these celebrations is summer solstice when huge crowds take part in never-ending feasts around enormous bonfires.


  • +A visit to the town of Jurmala is a must!
  • +Riga, the capital, which is not very well known.
  • +The unspoilt Baltic coast.


  • -Efforts need to be made to make the country more attractive to tourists.
  • -The quality of hotels and restaurants varies.


Smoked fish is very popular in Latvia, whilst cabbage soup and sausages are traditional dishes. Amongst the many Latvian specialities, piragi is a must - a little onion and bacon turnover - as well as the raspberry or cranberry-filled alexander torte. As for speciality beers, there are a good number of locally-made stout and light ale beers which have become very well known.


Latvia is famous for its baltic amber, along with traditional handicrafts, pottery and basketwork. Hand-made woollen garments are also easy to lay your hands on, as is traditional folk music - played with gusto wherever you go.