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Latvia is a country of low-lying plains. The highest point peaks at an altitude of 1,024 ft.


From the Gulf of Riga, in the north-west, to the coastline around Liepaja in the south-west, the Latvian coast stretches over 330 mi. The sandy coastline is equipped with beach amenities worthy of any seaside resort in the summer - Latvia's seaside is something to explore and enjoy for its unspoilt nature, but also for its architectural character, especially in Jurmala.

Arts and culture

Latvia is known as the 'singing country': the tradition of dainas or folk song is a millennium old. It survived the Soviet era, as it was a way to assert national identity in the face of communist authority. Nowadays, Latvians preserve and present their cultural heritage at the junction of the great paths of European History.


Lativia has a number of natural sites, Medieval fortresses, castles, manor houses, churches and palaces to visit.

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