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Lebanese sea life is rich. There are several small fish such as bream and bogues, many skates (stingrays, eagle rays), urchins, moray eels, octopuses and jellyfish. Lesser known fish in the Mediterranean Sea like the triggerfish and flutefish have also appeared (from the Red Sea). The population of groupers is constantly growing, some have even grown considerably in size. You might even come close to a shark. Around the ruins (there are many), oases have formed in which you will see small fish and many other submarine animals (turtles are reappearing on the southern Lebanese shores). All this rich diversity is fragile because the wildlife is still in danger.

  • Under-water wildlife , A ray , Lebanon
    A ray

    There are various types of rays (including stingrays and eagle rays) to be found in the Lebanese water.

  • Under-water wildlife , Lebanon
    Under-water wildlife
    Michal Adamczyk / 123RF
  • Under-water wildlife , Lebanon
    Under-water wildlife
    Ivan Mikhaylov / 123RF
  • Under-water wildlife , Lebanon
    Under-water wildlife
    dipressionist / 123RF
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