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Although Liberia is a relatively flat country, it does have some mountainous reliefs in the east. The highest point in Liberia is Mount Nimba, which reaches an altitude of 1,752 metres. Extending from the coasts are vast plains and plateaus covered with impressive tropical forests, a refuge for many of the animal species.

Before being over-exploited by humans, the Liberian forest was one of the top forests in Africa. Now, it is in a severely damaged state because of the intense exploitation of its natural resources that are so important to the country's industry and economy.

The river network is comprised of seven main rivers. The most well-known one is the Mano, which forms a natural border with Sierra Leone.


The Atlantic seabord, roughly 360 miles long, has beaches, bays and lagoons. These areas are however very dangerous and tourist infrastructure is poor.

The fauna and flora

Liberia's vast tropical forests mean that its flora is lush and varied. Among the many varieties of trees, you will find mahogany, rubber, palm and cotton trees, and for fruit trees, pineapple, papaya, mango, cacao and different varieties of citrus fruits. Liberia is known for its rubber trees, which play an important commercial role.

Pygmy hippos, elephants, lions and buffaloes are all part of the animal kingdom here. The ideal place to get a look at them is at the Nimba Mountains Nature Reserve, which benefits from a great climate and offers remarkable views of the surrounding mountains, including Mount Nimba. Viviparous toads and chimpanzees are two species that are endemic to Liberia.

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