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Besides the Eljabel Elgharbi forest massifs in the west and Jebel Akhdar in the east, the rest of the territory is an immense desert as the Sahara covers most of the country. Southeast, towards Kufra, it takes the pastel colours of the sandstones in the Libyan Desert. Southwest is Fezzan, the sublime region known for its plateaus engraved by precious prehistoric cave engravings, large ergs and vast oceans of dunes whose contours are constantly reshaped by the wind. Dotted here and there are oases such as the Gabraoun, an oasis-lake with magnificent turquoise water and luxuriant vegetation.

  • The Sahara , The Sahara Desert, Lybia , Libya
    The Sahara Desert, Lybia

    The largest desert in the world, the Sahara covers the southern part of the country.

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