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Once it regained its independence, Lithuania revived a whole culture that the Soviet regime had partially extinguished. The big sculpted or decorated wooden crosses which were erected before the war at junctions, on the corner of farms or on the edge of forests resurfaced in 1991 with the independence. Take a visit to the Hill of Crosses, in Siauliai, which is covered with thousands and thousands of crosses of all types.

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    The Hill of Crosses, Siauliai, Lithuania

    The tradition of the crosses has ancient pagan origins: the hill was covered with crosses as a sign of claiming national identity in the period of Soviet occupation.

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    Votive crosses in Siauliai

    The tradition of planting crosses on this hill dates back to the 14th century. Razed to the ground during the Soviet era, the crosses reappeared soon thereafter.

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    A myriad of crucifixes

    This small hill with two mounds is covered with a forest of millions of crosses, which may be large or small, valuable or less so, and made of wood or metal.

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    Today, Siauliai is a tourist destination.

    Some of the crosses are a sign of devoutness and incorporated into prayers, others are commemorative.

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    Crosses and rosaries

    The Hill of Crosses is located 6 miles north of Siauliai and just over a mile east of the road to Riga, the capital of Lithuania.

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    The Hill of Crosses

    The hill is a gloomy place, especially when the wind is blowing and the silence is only interrupted by the tinkling of the crosses and rosaries.

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