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Lithuanian forests are home to elks, stags, wild boars, wolves and lynxes. It is inadvisable to visit without a guide. Lithuania also hosts over 2,000 otters and the stork is the most popular bird in Lithuania. The country's four reserves, all lodged in its national parks, hold 35 wild animal species, 200 bird species, about twenty fish species and over 600 flower species. They can only be visited in the company of somebody who works at the reserve.

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    Lithuania's reserves and forests

    A vast part of this country is covered by forests and nature parks home to a large number of animal species.

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    A wolf in the reserves of Lithuania.

    More than a quarter of Lithuania is covered by forests, which are mostly concentrated in the south of the country.

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    Lynx in the snow

    The forests are teeming with elk, deer, wild boar, wolves and lynx, but it is difficult to encounter these animals without a guide.

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    The aquatic fauna in the reserves

    2,000 otters live in the protected habitat of Lithuania's natural reserves.

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    Birds in Lithuania's parks

    Lake Zuvintas, in the south, is both an important nesting area and a stopping point for migrating birds.

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    Young wild boar

    Lithuania has five national parks and a few nature reserves. The largest park is Kursiu Nerija National Park.

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