Macedonia, a member of the former Yugoslavian republic, is located in the Balkan peninsula, in south-eastern Europe. A candidate for the European Union since 2005, Macedonia is a country with rural traditions that is fond of food and oenology. A country in which Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman art flourished, Macedonia is a true human mosaic where Slavs, Albanians, Roms, Vlachs and Turks live. 155 miles long and much the same in width, Macedonia can be toured in a few days, from its mosques to its monasteries through its national parks, unveiling its varied wildlife and wild flora, that will seduce hikers and nature lovers, making them want to travel to Macedonia straight away.
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Macedonia: the key figures

Surface area : 25713.0 km2

Population : 2000000 inhabitants

  • The country's cultural and artistic wealth.
  • The country is worth visiting for its lakes and mountains.
  • There are tensions on the borders with Kosovo.
  • Tourism is still limited.

Macedonia: what to visit?


Arts and culture


The fauna

Macedonia: what to buy?

There are traditional embroideries sewn with red and black hemp, linen or cotton thread. They decorate farmers' traditional garments. Ancient cooperage, goldsmith, lace-making or blacksmith crafts contribute to the preservation of vestiges of the past. They are still visible in old neighbourhoods. You can buy ceramics, gold or silver jewellery. Items made of leather, fur and wool are some of the interesting works. Shops and markets open from 9.00am to 7.00pm.

Macedonia: what to eat?

The national dish is tavce-grafce, with Tetovo's green beans oven-browned in an earthenware plate. Meals that are lamb-based are popular (grilled lamb kepap, lamb soup, janija, vardar-grne). Pindjur is a salad with sweet peppers, aubergines and tomatoes. You can taste the famous Ohrid's salmon. The region produces quality wines like the Tikves wines. The plant-based Mastica is a popular aqua vitae.

Macedonia: travel tips

The vestiges of Byzantine art that are found in Macedonia have made this small Balkan enclave famous. Visit the churches and monasteries that are spread throughout the country in a plethoric way. They preserved a rich tradition of amazing frescoes, world-known icons and age-old wisdom.

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