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Lemurs are undoubtedly the most renowned animals in Madagascar. Roughly 90% of this sub-order of primates can be found only in Madagascar. In all, there are 32 species, ranging from the mouse lemur, the smallest with the size of a mouse, to the indri, the largest with a height of 31 inches. They have a sharp snout, large protruding eyes, a tail as long as and often longer than the body and a fur so silky that you will want to stroke it. The black lemur with its gray fur and a black and white ringed tail is unquestionably the most popular and one of the rarest (see photo). Lemurs can be found throughout the island, with certain species clustering in specific territories. The Black Lemurs live in a pack in the south and move in single file, while the Sifaka, talented acrobats who leap from tree to tree over a distance of 30 ft, can be found in the south east. As for the Indri, its piercing cries come from the rainforests of the east. Several lemurs are nocturnal and the most famous one is the Aye-aye, an insect hunter with a long finger that delves deep into tree trunks. During a journey to the Red Island, do not miss out on these affectionate mammals that will not hesitate to hop on to your shoulders, especially in the Berenty and Isalo parks in the south or in the Perinet Park in the east.

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    Lively, agile, and sometimes very social, lemurs have various things in common with monkeys although they are not part of the same family.

    © Atthapol Saita / 123RF
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    The star animal of Madagascar

    Nosy Komba is home to a reserve where Lemurs are not scared of climbing on the shoulders of visitors.

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    The lemurs
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    The lemurs
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    The lemurs
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  • The lemurs , Madagascar
    The lemurs
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