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Cruise on lake Malawi to enjoy its banks, vast expanse and the splendid mountains around it. Regular cruises are offered each week between March and May. A journey of over 621 miles between Monkey Bay and Karonga takes 5 to 6 days (book cabins well in advance). Along the lake are wonderful beaches where you can swim, dive (lake Malawi has over 500 fish species, some of which are unique in the world), do water-ski or windsurf. The site is also inhabited by several bird species like the kingfisher or black eagle.

  • Lake Malawi, Coasts, Malawi
    Lake Malawi

    Lake Malawi is located in the east of the country. Its fauna is very rich and varied, which is very rare for a lake.

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  • A total area of 11,390 miČ, Lake Malawi, Coasts, Malawi
    A total area of 11,390 miČ

    It is the third largest lake in Africa and the fifth biggest lake in the world for its volume. It is bordered by Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique.

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  • A deep lake, Lake Malawi, Coasts, Malawi
    A deep lake

    Of an average depth of 264 metres, it can get as deep as 706 metres in places.

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  • The most active lake in the world, Lake Malawi, Coasts, Malawi
    The most active lake in the world

    Due to its impressive aquatic diversity, Lake Malawi is home to numerous endemic species, such as the mbuna.

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  • A recreational place, Lake Malawi, Coasts, Malawi
    A recreational place

    The lake is visited by both tourists and Malawians, who love to come here for their holidays.

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  • A source of inspiration, Lake Malawi, Coasts, Malawi
    A source of inspiration

    The subject of numerous poems and literary works, this stretch of water holds an important place in Malawian culture.

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