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Malawi, a small country in the south of Africa, is full of breathtaking landscapes, thanks to its mountainous massifs and lakes running alongside green pastures. The geography of Malawi consists of tumultuous landscapes, staggering vertical caves and lush plains stretching as far as the eye can see.

Mount Mulanje, which reaches an altitude of 3,002m, is the highest mountain in the country and an ideal place for hiking. 20% of the territory (in the east) is covered by Lake Malawi, which is where the country's name comes from. Beaches have been set up beside the lake, making it a particularly popular place for relaxing.


These are the shores of a lake, but not just any lake. Lake Malawi offers up some marvellous landscapes. With its rich seabed, its clear waters, and its beaches that look like something off a postcard from the Caribbean, Malawi has all of the characteristics of a leading seaside resort destination. The peninsula home to Monkey Bay and the Mumbo islands are particularly renowned.

The fauna and flora

Malawi holds the world record for the lake with the most species; it is home to about 500 of them. In fact, fish from Lake Malawi are regularly studied by scientists interested in evolution. The natural reserves and national parks are the best places to discover the country's incredible biodiversity. Elephants and antelopes happily live alongside zebras, warthogs, elks, leopards and jackals.

Malawi's plant world is defined by the different climatic influences. Aside from the forest region, the country's vegetation consists of scrubland and grassland. Over 400 species of orchids have been recorded in Malawi.

Arts and culture

Many villages have preserved their traditions. Festivals, rituals, music and dance are all part of the Malawian culture. The most important and most memorable ritual is almost certainly the Gule Wamkulu, which is performed by the Chewa people from the north of the country and danced by the 'Nyau' brotherhood, a secret society. This ritual is performed to initiate young men into adulthood. These ancestral traditions, which feature impressive wooden masks, are both frightening and fabulous. There are a few craft workshops around Dezda and Mua dedicated to pottery-making and woodcarving.

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