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Travel to Dhaalu Atoll - the scuba diving destination

  •  The Dhaalu atoll is in the Southern Maldives with Meemu; it is located below the Faafu Atoll. It consists of 2 island hotels, Velavaru and Vilu Reef. We invite you to dream while reading through the descriptions of this beautiful place, and who knows?...it may become a reality!...
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Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Expert destination Maldive Islands

The Dhaalu atoll is in the Southern Maldives with Meemu; it is located below the Faafu Atoll. It consists of two island hotels, Velavaru and Vilu Reef.

If you travel to Atoll de Dhaalu, you'll be met by a paradise-like setting.

Dhaalu Atoll: what to do?

Once you get to your island, it might seem that there is not a lot to do, though there are several different activities such as diving, snorkeling, water sports and land sports. Feel free to enjoy a massage in the spa, which is very professionally done. You can also go fishing in the daytime and at night. As well as this, the hotel will serve you a barbecue on a desert island and you can visit a local island and another island hotel.

If you have time to go back to Malé before taking your return plane, do not hesitate to go! The atmosphere is special, and it is interesting to discover the Maldivian architecture, as each little island is actually just a hotel and its lush vegetation it is nice to experience some Maldivian civilisation. You can also discover the Friday Mosque, the Presidential Palace, the Islamic Centre, Park Sultan and the National Museum. Also not to be missed is the fish market and the local market which have an atmosphere of their own.

  • Very beautiful beaches
  • It is ideal for diving
  • Located 91 miles away from Male, 35 minutes by seaplane


Think about buying an underwater camera. The fauna and flora of the submarine world are particularly rich in the Maldives. Since the end of El Nino in 1998, fish are becoming more numerous, and corals are recovering gradually. The sight from a seaplane is gorgeous with the various atolls, sand banks and islands - a surprising constellation drowning in the night-blue ocean that is truly captivating. Do not forget your camera for the flight!

To avoid

Even though violent storms are rare in the Maldives, it is advisable to avoid the monsoon season, from May to November.

Dhaalu Atoll: what to eat?

The cuisine in the Maldives is both local and international with lots of seafood and fish. Fruits are also numerous.

Dhaalu Atoll: what to buy?

The Maldivian crafts show a certain taste for art and many objects are exhibited. You can buy some of them in the shops, as well as other things such as wooden sculptures or stone coral. Coral jewellery is also particularly fine. For those who want to bring some sand home with them, do not hesitate, but on reasonable scale, of course!

Dhaalu Atoll Reviewedhotels
  • 8.6 /10
    Rated by Easyvoyage
    Angsana Velavaru
    Atoll de Dhaalu - Maldive Islands
    Hotel Hotel 5 Etoile(s)

    91 miles away from Male, the Angsana Velavaru, of the Banyan ...

  • 7.5 /10
    Rated by Easyvoyage
    Sun Aqua Vilu Reef
    Atoll de Dhaalu - Maldive Islands
    Hotel Hotel 5 Etoile(s)

    A magnificent view onto the lagoon, a beautiful swimming pool ...

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