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Noonu Atoll
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Explore the relaxing Maldive island Noonu Atoll

By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Our Editorial team's advice

Noonu Atoll is the southernmost atoll after the Haa Alifu, Haa Dhaalu and Shavuyani Atolls. For several centuries now, Landhoo island, a local island, has been prominent for curving and engraving. Otherwise, the administrative capital of this atoll is Manadhoo. The atoll's population is now up to 14,212 and there are a total of 13 inhabited islands (at the time of writing, June 2010). The fastest way of accessing islands here is by seaplane (between 45mins-1.5 hours). It is also possible to do the journey by speedboat or dhoni, but expect it to take at least 4 hours.

Here, you will find the following resorts: Hilton Iru Fushi, Zitalhi Kuda-Fanafaru and Zitalhi Reosrt & Spa Dholhiyadhoo.



To try

Unless on a local island, the food is what is served up by the hotels, which ranges according to the resort. Resorts rarely serve Maldivian food apart from on the occasional Maldivian-theme evening.

Otherwise, on the local islands, if you have the opportunity to do an excursion or visit independently, then you will find that the food grown is mainly coconut, mango, papaya and pineapple. The only other iccuring product is fish, which explains the simplicity behind Maldivian cuisine. All other foods are imported.

Most Maldivian food tends to be very spicy. For breakfast, the Maldivians eat a healthy tuna paste mixed with onion and chili, 'Mas huni' which is eaten cold with 'roshi' (like an Indian chapatti). Otherwise fingerfoods are appreciated by Maldivians - these include , 'kuli boakiba' (fish cakes), 'gulha' (fried doughballs filled with fish and chili), 'keemia' (fried fish rolls in batter), and 'fihunu mas' (fish coated in a chili paste). A mains will comprise of soups, curries, vegetables and pickled vegetables accompanied by roshi. As for deserts, anything brughtly coloured will be sweet such as 'zileybi' (coils of sugared fried batter). Black tea is the traditional drink to wash all that down.

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