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Malta : Discover the country's culture


'The Splendor of Malta' by Johnston
'Malta: War and Peace, an Architectural Chronicle, 1800-2000' by Quentin Hughes and Conrad Thake.
'The Knights of Malta' by HJA Sire
'The Last of the Crusaders: The Knights of St John and Malta in the Eighteenth Century' by Roderick Cavaliero


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Chiara, a singer representing Malta at the Eurovision contest.
Mary Rose Mallia, great Maltese artist.

Malta : Discover the country's history

Historical dates

From the 4th century BC to the 9th century AD: domination by the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Arabs and the Sicilians.
870: the island occupied by the Arabs was converted to Islam.
1090: Malta came under the rule of the King of Sicily.
1530: Charles Quint granted the island to the Order of Saint John, chased out of Rhodes.
1565: the Turks attacked. Thousands of Maltese are taken away as slaves.
1798: after the stopover of Bonaparte, on his way to Egypt, the island came under French rule.
1802: Malta became British.
1939-45: the island of Malta became a naval base and was often bombarded.
1961: it gained its autonomy.
1964: Malta became independent under the Commonwealth.
1974: the Republic was established.
1987: the nationalist party came to power.
1989: Censu Tabone became President of the Republic.
1996: the labour party regained power following legislative elections.
1998: the pro-European nationalists took advantage of early legislative elections to return to power.
1999: Guido De Marco is elected president.
March 2003: the Maltese voted to join the European Union.
2004: Eddie Fenech Adami became president.
May 1st 2004, Malta joined the EU.

Malta : Stay up to date on the country's holidays and events


January 1st: New Year's Day.
>February 10th: Anniversary of Saint Paul's shipwreck off the coast of the island.
February: Carnival of Malta.
February 29th: Marathon and half-marathon.
March: Festival of Mediterranean food.
March 19th: Saint Joseph Day.
March 31st: Liberty Day to mark the departure of the English in 1979.
March-April: Holy week in Malta with religious processions.
May 1st: Labour Day.
May: Festival of fireworks display at the Grand Port of Valletta.
June 7th: National Day.
June 29th: Imnarja Day or Harvest Day to celebrate Saints Peter and Paul. Traditional dances and songs.
July: International Jazz Festival.
August 15th: Assumption.
September 8th: Day of the lifting of the Siege launched by the Turks in 1565 and celebration of the nativity of the Virgin. Fireworks display and regatta at Valletta.
September 21st: National celebration of independence.
October: Festival of historic cities.
End of October: Rolex Middle Sea Race.
End of October-early November: Mediterranean Festival of Gozo with celebrations of the culture, history and music of the island.
December 8th: Day of the Immaculate Conception.
December 13th: Day of the Republic of 1974.
December 25th: Christmas.

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