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By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Our Editorial team's advice

To see

The churches of the surrounding villages: Zabbar, Zejtun, Zurrieq... If you can make your visit coincide with the date of ?festa', a patronal feast, your trip will be even better. Go see the Neolithic village of Borg-in-Nadur, which dates back to 1500 BC. Finally, the temples of Hagar Qim and Mnajdra, where the famous statue of the Venus of Malta was discovered, though it is now displayed in Valletta.

To do

The Marsaxlokk market on Sunday morning. It is held by the shore. The atmosphere is quite entertaining. Going from stand to stand, you will find fresh fish, honey, bread, cakes, fruits, vegetables, and all kind of useful items like beach towels, sunglasses, lace doilies, etc. However, you will find very few artisanal crafts since this market is mainly aimed at the locals.


  • +  This part of the island has retained a certain authenticity.
  • +  The coastline here is more beautiful than elsewhere.
  • +  There are several archaeological sites in the area that are worth seeing.


  • -  There aren't many sandy beaches in the area.
  • -  There aren't many hotels to choose from.
  • -  Public transportation is more sparse than elsewhere.

To think about

When it comes to traffic, it is slow everywhere. Avoid renting a car. It is better to take the local bus, which is very cheap, or a taxi if you are planning to go to the semi-rural areas since public transportation probably won't take you there. You should also know that February is the rainiest month of the year. The rest of the year has pretty good weather, though (for the most part).

To avoid

Head to the coasts of Marsalokk and Birzebugga if you feel like swimming. Marsaxlokk is lined with flat rocks from which you can easily slip into the water. Unfortunately, it is not far from a power plant and the commercial port of Marsaxlokk. Birzebugga, which shelters the sandy Pretty Bay, overlooks the port area of Kalafrana. You'd be better off going swimming on the Marsaskala side to have more peace and quiet.

To try

You will find fish, seafood and octopus in a restaurant on the waterfront of Marsaxlokk. If they are on the menu, also try some of the typical Maltese dishes, such as rabbit stew. The antipasti and pasta dishes are usually pretty good too. Avoid the pizzas, salads and burgers, which can be found everywhere and are often inedible.

To bring back

Maltese wine (red or white). There are three main wineries where easy-to-drink wine is produced. The grapes are of Italian origin. Bring back some thyme honey with a taste of the scrubland. As for crafts, there is handmade lace (handkerchief trims, doilies and blouses), decorative objects made of glass, and works of art. Ask for more information in the hotels where exhibition sales are very often held.
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