Marshall Islands: travel to the atolls of the Pacific

Without being at war, this area has regularly suffered from armed assaults such as bombings, air-raids and nuclear explosions, making travel to the Marshall Islands not as simple as you would like. It is fair to say that this archipelago has suffered in the past, fortunately it does not show. On the equator (or almost), the reactivity of nature is amazing. The coral reefs have healed their wounds, multi-coloured fish have returned and on the white sand beaches, again you can see a few tourists who are very pleased to be here instead of it being predominantly a military base.
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Marshall Islands: the key figures

Surface area : 181.0 km2

Population : 56429 inhabitants

  • The beauty of the Pacific atolls.
  • White sand beaches.
  • Fauna and undersea boat wrecks.
  • The remote destination and the distance between the islands.
  • The lack of high-standard structures.
  • Risk of radioactive radiation emanating from Bikini.

Marshall Islands: what to visit?

The fauna and flora

Arts and culture

Marshall Islands: what to buy?

You can bring back hand made items, woven in kimej (thin membrane made of coconut palm) or in malwe (woven fibers made from coconut tree), such as kilis (hand bags), flowers and birds, wall decorations, fans, or baskets. You can also buy carpets, seashell necklaces or traditional sea maps. One of the best places to get a few souvenirs is at Marshall Handicrat Shop, located next to Atele museum in Majuro. Shops are open Monday to Friday, from 8:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Marshall Islands: what to eat?

Fish (especially tuna) and sea food are obviously the basis of Marshallese food. You will be able to taste, in particular, the Pacific crab whose meat is renowned. Dishes are usually served with coconut, breadfruit, yam or butternut squash.

Marshall Islands: main cities

Marshall Islands: travel tips

Majuro, Arno (Longar), Mili, Bikini and Kwajalein are the best places to go diving. Here, go through a specialised agency to enjoy the numerous opportunities (such as Marshalls Dive Adventures).
Witness the very popular fishing contest that takes place once a month on Majuro Island. It is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the diversity of the sea fauna.
Go and have a picnic on a Sunday with Marshallese families on Anemanet Island in Majuro (boats leave at noon).
Although the setting is great for light clothes, wear your bathing suits on the beaches only.
Do not take photos of the presidential palace and its surroundings.

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