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The 34 islands (among which 29 atolls), comprising of 1,225 tiny islands and 870 coral reefs form a double vertical line, the Ratak (sunrise) range in the east and in the Ralik (sunset) range in the west. Contrary to the high volcanic islands which are common in Micronesia, there is no island with a particularly high alitude (the highest point is only 32 ft above the sea level!).

The fauna and flora

Used by the Americans for nuclear testing, the Marshall Islands have a relatively limited amount of terrestrial fauna. The really interesting thing about this archipelago for animal lovers is its underwater world. The only endemic species to the Marshall Islands is the Pacific rat.

Equipped with flippers, a mask, and an oxygen bottle or snorkel, you can discover 240 different species of algae, 27 species of marine mammals (whales, porpoises, dolphins, etc.), and every kind of sea turtle that exists. Around 800 different species of fish live around the Marshall Islands.

As for the flora, 60% of the archipelago is covered with coconut trees and you will also find pandanus, breadfruit, taros, arrowroot and yam trees growing here.

Arts and culture

Marshallese people have known for a long time how to adapt to the environment on their island, and their culture is mostly based on activities linked to the sea.

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