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Prickly locust trees are numerous in the Mauritanian desert. There are several species, one of which being the 'toothbrush'. Once the bark has been taken off, the small branches of the tree become fine and supple; the locals use them to clean their teeth. Prosopis also grows in the country and it survives thanks to its very long roots which can fetch water 490 ft underground. Sbatt, also known as 'camel grass grows in clumps and it is not only used as the camels' main food in the desert, but as "bras" for animals, an object used to stop the new-born from suckling from their mother's teats. Oases are planted all over with date palms and fruits, which are picked in the summer and the leaves from the trees are used for the building of houses. In the south of the country, you willsee baobabs which produce an edible fruit called 'monkey bread'.

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