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The date harvest season runs from the second half of June to the end of August, during the hot summer days. It is called the Guetna season. The population abandon the towns to go to the oasis. There, the owners of date palms sell branches which are literally collapsing under the weight of the dates, and buyers can keep the dates until the end of the season. During the Guetna season, a holiday atmosphere reigns over the palm groves. Spit-roast lamb barbecues are organized, tea flows like water and dates are picked and eaten in their thousands. To preserve the fruit, it has to be left to dry in tikits - local huts made with palm branches or camel grass. Mauritanians eat dates all year long, particularly before meals.

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    The Guetna, Mauritania

    The Guetna is the date harvest season, when the inhabitants of the cities flock to the oases.

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