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The only Mauritanian railway stretches over 450 miles, from Nouadhibou to Zouerate. It is used by the ore tanker trains, which transport their load from the open air mines of Zerouate to the port of Nouadhibou. It is the SNIM (National Society of the Mining Industry) which runs the mining as well as the transport of the ore. One train can have up to 210 carriages, stretching the length of 1 and a half miles. The first ore tanker set off in April 1963, compared to today where six trains transporting 22,000 tons of iron run daily along the line. One carriage is reserved for travellers, but it is not rare to see passengers sat on top of their load in the open air carriages.

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    Mining trains, Mauritania

    The railroad that links Zouerate with the port of Nouadhibou was mostly used to transport minerals; today it carries tourists.

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