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Dromedary camels, which are perfectly adapted to the high temperatures, can be seen everywhere in the Mauritanian desert. They are not alone though; there are also foxes, jackals and hyenas, however, it is unlikely that you will meet these as they are scared of human beings. Lizards, scorpions and snakes also live in this arid place. The little fellows you should be the most wary of are the mosquitoes (which generally live near water points and particularly by the Senegal river) as they can carry diseases.
Mauritania also hosts an extraordinary kind of shellfish which is perfectly adapted to the climate of the country. In times of drought, the Apus lays eggs which can remain intact for ten years waiting for the rain to come. When the eggs are finally under water they hatch.

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    The dromedary, Mauritania

    Most of the surface of Mauritania is covered by desert; the dromedary is therefore one of the most common animals in the area.

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