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Many species of Mauritian birds are now endemic. It is the case of the kestrel, the Mauritian budgerigar, the red pigeon and the cuckoo-shrike (Coracina typica). Now protected, these species can find a stable environment in zones run by 'Mauritian Wildlife'. For more possible opportunities to see some of these creatures with superb plumage, it is recommended to go to the Rivière Noire National Park. As you are walking round the park with a pair of good binoculars, you will be able to observe their gracious flight.

  • Mauritian fauna, Birds, The fauna, Mauritius
    Mauritian fauna

    Mauritius has a developed range of endemic species.

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  • The dodo, Mauritius, Birds, The fauna, Mauritius
    The dodo, Mauritius

    Symbol of Mauritius, it is in reality the only place the dodo was found before its extinction during the Dutch invasion.

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  • Rivière Noire, Mauritius, Birds, The fauna, Mauritius
    Rivière Noire, Mauritius

    The National Park of Rivière Noire, or Black River in English, was created in 1994 to protect the animal species.

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    Bird life, Mauritius

    The avifauna of Mauritius includes a total of 119 species, of which 8 are endemic, 21 have been introduced by humans, and 30 are rare or accidental.

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  • Turtles, Mauritius, Birds, The fauna, Mauritius
    Turtles, Mauritius

    The reserve of the Mascarenes Islands, protects a number of turtles, such as the Giant Alabra.

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  • Deer, Mauritius, Birds, The fauna, Mauritius
    Deer, Mauritius

    Deer are the most commonly-seen animals on the island after lizards.

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