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The landscapes of Mauritius are intimately tied to the sea, the sugar cane fields and the mountains. With Rivière Noire peak as the highest point of the island (2,716 ft) in the south, the island has a very varied relief with crenellated summits (peak of Trois Mamelles), gorges (Rivière Noire meanders), as well as many woody hills. The interior of the island deserves to be explored for its natural riches.


The 200 mile coastline is nearly all lined by a coral reef that is rich in fauna and flora. The bright blue colours of the open sea appears magnificent next to the crystal clear truquoise of the lagoons. The colours are lined by a tube of foam formed by the waves breaking on the reef.


Ile aux Cerfs, Coin de Mire and île aux Bénitiers - some of the dream destinations, ideal for day-trips, are renowned either for their beaches or for their jagged rocky coasts. On the agenda is swimming, snorkeling and picnicking in the dream-like landscape.
Rodrigues is different to the other Mauritian islands, it is a little like a little sister to the old Ile de France. It is more rural, wild and preserved and offers an authentic natural setting which is definitely worth exploring.


The museums of Mauritius highlight its past closely linked to navigation and the important stopovers on the commercial routes towards India and the Far East. The colonial history of this part of the Mascarene archipelago is also recounted with the help of varied documents, maps, letters or administrative documents.

The fauna

On land, under water and in the air, Mauritian wildlife boasts a great variety of species partly thanks to the settlers who imported more and more of them over the past centuries. Some species such as the dodo are unfortunately extinct, but others, now endemic, are protected.

The flora

Much of the shimmering flora was imported from Africa and Asia. 900 species are listed on the island today. Whether wild or cultivated, they never fail to create the most beautiful and lush landscapes, thanks to the Mauritian trinity of sun, water and fertile earth.


Mauritian temples present very different features whether they are Tamil or Hindu. They are open to the public, on the condition that you do not disturb the people praying and that you only enter the sanctuary sheltering the statues after having been authorized to do so. The Christian community has also built churches on the island, one of them, in Cape Malheureux, being particularly pretty.

Activities and leisure

On both land and at sea, there are many activities available in Mauritius. Often included in your package holiday, they allow to indulge yourself in various sports such as golf, water skiing or scuba diving (beginner or advanced levels).

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