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    Continental Mexico
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Mexico consists of three major geographical units: Altiplano in the north, rain forest in the south and the volcanic barrier in the centre. All this is framed by two long ridges which streak the country: western Sierra Madre, an extension of the Rocky Mountains, and the Oriental Sierra Madre.

The fauna and flora

Full of contrast, the wildlife and flora of Continental Mexico are similar to those in the desert in the north and of the rain forest in the south. You go from candelabra cactus dotted landscapes to lush greenery still the habitat of jaguars and quetzals - sacred animals in pre-Columbian times.

Arts and culture

Whether historic, or passed on from colonial times or even living in the traditions perpetuated in every day life, the arts and culture are the opportunity to soak in the colourful identity of Mexico, through the religious festivals and other rituals, or in every day life, just by sharing the inhabitants' cheerfulness and their great sense for partying.


Continental Mexico has a vast number of important pre-Columbian archaeological remains, particularly near Mexico City and Oaxaca. Don't forget to explore the monasteries erected by Spanish monks in the 16th and 17th centuries in the state of Mexico.

Activities and leisure

Other than the visit of the archaeological sites and museums, Continental Mexico will also please outdoor activity lovers. Trekking, rafting, surf boarding, rock-climbing, volcanic tourism... you will be spoilt for choice.

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