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Mexican art expresses itself as much in contemporary architecture, for example in major public buildings in Mexico City, as in the handicraft markets and antique boutiques. The notion of popular art becomes perfectly clear through the calendar of religious festivals: large cities as well as remote villages all vibrate then with the same fervour. There are enough religious and popular festivals to hope to have the opportunity to take part in a procession or a feria (with corridas and Mexican rodeos).

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    Folk Art

    An important part of Mexican heritage.

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    Mexican music

    Folk music is very popular in Mexico and some of the songs are only played for tourists. The traditional instruments include the banjo and the maracas.

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    A handmade craft

    A handmade craft representing a golden sun.

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    Mexican fabrics

    Many togas and Mexican blankets are made using very colourful striped fabrics.

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    Mexican chairs

    These colourful wooden chairs come from San Lucas in the south of Mexico.

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    Wooden masks

    Lots of wooden masks are made in Mexico. They represent the ancient Mayan tribes.

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