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Chisinau is a green city endowed with parks and lakes, located on the banks of the Bik river. The bombings of World War II have destroyed more than half of the old town and few old buildings are still standing. On the whole, the city has a Stalinian air about it despite a pretty 19th century cathedral with an onion dome. The city also has a triumphal arch which, just as the cathedral does, overlooks the central park, in the north. The streets have a Moldavian or Russian name, sometimes both. Some great men's statues such as Alexander Pouchkine's, exiled here from 1820 to 1823, or Stephan cel Mare's, a medieval time warrior prince and a Moldovan hero are worth seeing. The Museum of National History shows a life-sized reconstruction of the 1945 Soviet invasion of Chisinau! As for the Brancusi gallery, it exhibits an interesting modern art collection.

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