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The Moldovan wine cellars are open to visitors all year round, and tours are operated by official guides from the Chisinau Wine Tour Office. Ten miles north of the capital you will come cross the Cricova cellars. They consist of a 40 mile-long underground gallery that bares the names of of various varieties of grape along the way, including Cabernet and Pinot street. If you travel a further 10 miles to Cosujna you will discover where both red and white wines are produced, as well as port and aged wine, using classic French production methods. Straseni vineyard, located about seven miles north-east of Chisinau, has a good reputation for the sparkling white wine it produces there. A little further away, the workers at the Romanesti cellars, who are at the top of their industry, produce classically 'Bordeaux' style red wines.

  • Galleries and vineyards , Moldova
    Galleries and vineyards
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  • Galleries and vineyards , Moldova
    Galleries and vineyards
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