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North of Karakorum, Erden-Z monastery, built between the 16th century to the 19th century on top of the ruins, was the first great Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. The temples which escaped systematic destruction in Soviet times are now transformed into museums, and since the bill on freedom of worship was passed in the 1990's, the site has been welcoming people for prayer again. This Mongol architectural style stands next to the Chinese and Tibetan styles. Its gold stupa is surrounded by a wall of 108 small stupas. The 3 large Z (temples) display some paintings and statues of Buddha.

  • Erden-Z monastery , The fortifications of the Erden-Zuu monastery , Mongolia
    The fortifications of the Erden-Zuu monastery

    The Erden-Zuu monastery was built in 1585 by Abda Khan. It is Mongolia's oldest Tibetan Buddhist monastery.

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