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In the Altai, foreign hunters come to the Khovd province for the argali, a kind of wild sheep. Around Lake Khövsgöl, in the province with most forest, you can find all the animals typically found in mountainous taiga: stags, beavers, stoats... The zones close to the lake are the habitat of brown bears, ibexes, argalies and many other rare species. As well as in some other rivers of the country, you can find the taimen fish, the world's largest salmon which can reach 6.5 feet in length and weigh 180 pounds. The central province, south from Ulan Bator, has several natural reserves. On the site of the Bogdo-Khan mountains which stretches both on steppe and forest, you will meet many stags, deers, wild boars, and particularly on Mount Bogdo-Uul (7,445 feet) where you can go trekking on some waymarked footpaths. As for Khustian Nuruu natural reserve, it was created for the re-introduction to nature of the takhi, which is better known as Przevalski horse.

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    Mongolian yak

    A species of ruminant, the yak is a mammal typical of the Himalayas.

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