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The landscapes of the Arkhangai province are deeply marked by its old volcanic activity. In the midst of verdant hills, numerous lava flows and hot springs can be spotted. The protected area of Khorgo boasts the highest extinct volcano of the region - Khorgiin Togoo (7,250 feet). Try and see also Tcchuluuntiin Gol canyon which stretches over about twenty miles. It is a region of rivers, waterfalls, but mostly of pastures. The taiga, forest of prickly shrub and conifers, is omnipresent and is also an area favourable to yak and reindeer breeding.

  • The Arkhangai province , The Arkhangai region, Mongolia , Mongolia
    The Arkhangai region, Mongolia

    The Arkhangai region is dominated by the taiga landscape.

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