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The yurts - the nomads' homes, are an integral part of Mongol landscapes. Even in Ulan Bator, over 200,000 people still live under their tent. In pastoral traditions, the female and male worlds are clearly distinguished, and women, most of the time, are confined to the gher (yurt). The distances for transhumance vary according to the regions: if the fodder is not too far from winter camp, as in the steppe, a family will travel over roughly 50 miles. But in the desert and in the taiga, caravans travel for almost 620 miles often with over a ton of package.

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    The Mongolian Nomads

    In Mongolia, nomadism is based on the breeding of five species: goats, cattle (including yaks), sheep, camels and horses.

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  • The nomads , Mongolia
    The nomads
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  • The nomads , Mongolia
    The nomads
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