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The sites of the Khentii province Mongolia
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover The sites of the Khentii province

The Khentii province is closely linked to Mongolia's history and legends which didn't fail to spangle the life of Gengis Khan, the famous founder of the first unified Mongol state, because this is where he was born in 1216. The small town of Dalal used to hold one of the thirty three Mongol Lamaist great temples, dedicated to the famous conqueror. Like many other monasteries and historic remains, they were unfortunately destroyed in the 1930's, when the communists arrived. In the area, you should visit Lake Gurvan Nuur, and then sacred Mount Burkhan Kaldun. Although several hypotheses were suggested, some say that Gengis Khan was buried there. And as far as Mount Kherlen Bayan Ulaan is concerned, it would indeed be the old Khd Aral, site where the "Secret History" was written, the greatest historical chronicle written by the Mongols, at the time of Ogedei's reign, son of Gengis Khan. The monument recently erected in his honour, close to the ruins of Arung, his old palace, quotes his words: "My body shall disappear, but our People will live on ever after." The region is also particularly rich in archaeological sites anterior to this time - slab tombs of the Hunnic period, petroglyphs of the Mesolithic era - or more recent, such as the ruins of a monastery dating from the Manchu period, in Baldan Bereviin Khiid.

The sites of the Khentii province

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