Discover Wildlife in the Gobi desert Mongolia

A zone of scientific research, the Great Gobi Reserve is the only one in the world where most animals and plants are endemic and adapt particularly well to the extreme natural conditions. Ibexes, argalies, snow leopards, beavers and birds of prey share out the mountainous land, whereas the plains are the domain of white gazelles, black-tailed antelopes or extremely rare species such as wild camels and Gobi bears. The plants there present the particularity of being used as food supplement. The saxaul, that sand bush which blooms in May, the karagana with roots which go as deep as a few feet underground and rhubarb are some of the varieties specific to the Gobi. As regards the nomads, they travel with the help of Bactrian camels, a very robust race.

  • Wildlife in the Gobi desert , The Great Gobi Reserve , Mongolia
    The Great Gobi Reserve

    The Great Gobi Reserve is home to a great many plant and animal species.

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